The Xbox is getting two new custom gamepads for this fall. Both are variations of the standard Xbox Wireless Controller, and they will retail for $70.

The first new gamepad is the Night Ops Camo Special Edition. It has a golden D-pad and a custom grip on its triggers. All of that goes with the dark-tone camo for when you are trying to sneak into Bill Gates’s house to play the new Halo early. It launches October 8.

The second gamepad is the Sport Blue Special Edition. This is a followup to Microsoft’s Sport White and Sport Red controllers. It has a sleek blue color along with a rubberized grip. Again, this will make sure you don’t drop it when your hands get all sweaty when you try to outrun Bill Gates’s guards. It launches September 17.

Microsoft is also dropping some accessories and apparel to go along with these devices. It has a Night Ops Camo Xbox T-Shirt that will hit its online store for $25. Or you can pick one up at Gamescom this week.

You can also get a Sport Blue or Night Ops Camo charging stand for $50. That way you can keep your gamepads charged while also maintaining a style so fresh Bill Gates might not even press charges. But he probably will.